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Marriage is a considerable commitment to make.

Whether you choose to marry in a civil venue, or in a religious context of any faith, around 85% of married couples agree: marriage is the most serious decision of your life!

The Church of England thoroughly believes in marriage for the wellbeing of individuals and society. If you have found 'the one', and you are committed to each other in every respect, there is so much more adventure ahead.

We would be thrilled to be part of that adventure too!

St Edmund's Church
Can we get married at St Edmund's Church?

Thanks to a change in the law, more couples can now get married at St Edmund's than ever before. As an engaged couple you simply need to show you meet just one of the seven connections with the parish: read the qualifying criteria and check with the Rector.

After suitable preparation, we are in some cases willing to re-marry divorced people.

Practical arrangements

Read our helpful guide to practical arrangements at St Edmund's, which includes tips about everything from car parking, rehearsals, flowers and the cost.

Find out more...

Visit the Church of England Your Church Wedding website or contact the Rector.