St Edmund's Church, Taverham
What is a Christian?

As Christians we believe that:

  • The world is created by God, our loving heavenly Father
  • The human race has rebelled against him, earning his judgement
  • In his love, God sent his Son, Jesus, to die on a cross in our place
  • God raised Jesus from the dead to rule with him in heaven
  • Jesus gives new life with God to all who follow and trust him
  • This new life begins now through the power of the Holy Spirit day by day

The CrossAs Christians we are celebrating because…

We believe God has brought us a rescue plan for all the mess and wilfulness of our lives. Jesus has given us promises that mean more than anything else in the world when we discover them for ourselves. Jesus has won these promises for each of us by dying on the cross to set us free. And we live in the truth and reality of his promises day by day when we believe in him.

“Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will refresh you”
Matthew 11 : 28

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty”  John 6 : 35

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life” John 3 : 16

If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9)

“I am with you always, to the end of the age” Matthew 28 : 20

‘How can I become a Christian?’

God gives eternal life as a free gift to everyone who believes that Jesus is God and is alive (Revelation 22:17). But we have to do something to accept the gift that God offers. We have to accept the new life Jesus offers for ourselves.

Jesus said, “This is indeed the will of my Father, that all who see the Son and believe in him may have eternal life; and I will raise them up on the last day” (John 6 : 40)

God offers the free gift of his forgiveness, his love and his welcome to us in Jesus, and when we accept this gift for ourselves it becomes a life-changing decision.

It is a decision to turn to God like a long-lost son returning to his father (Luke 15 : 11 - 24). Millions of people throughout the world have made this decision for themselves, and can testify to the power and work of God’s forgiveness in Jesus.

‘What should I do next?’

Pray to God -simply tell him that you are sorry for all the sin in your life, and tell him you believe that Jesus died for you, and is now alive!

Tell a Christian friend that you have made a commitment to Jesus, or are interested in finding out more about Jesus: they should encourage and help you.

Join a good local church, where the Bible is taught well and you feel supported. They will help you learn more about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian.

The BibleStart reading the Bible for yourself. Try to spend a little time each day reading the Bible and praying -just pray in your own words: God is not interested in fancy, ‘religious’, wordy prayers - He just wants you to talk to him! Ask God in your prayers to make you more like Jesus, to understand your Bible, and to bless you with gifts to live in a way that pleases him (Ephesians 5:10).

If you go astray and do things that you know God wouldn’t like, don’t run and hide! Just tell God in your prayers and ask his forgiveness. The Bible, tells us “You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you.” (Psalm 86:5)

Enjoy getting to know Jesus!  

Growing in faith in Jesus

Other pages on our website can give you details of our groups and worship times to help you grow in your faith with the Christian community at St Edmund’s Taverham, as well as ideas for prayer and social action.

You can also find out more about Jesus online by visiting and

Join an alpha course

Many people have been able to discover the truth of Jesus’ promises through an Alpha course.

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